Information & Opportunities for Millard West Wildcats

9th – 11th graders Explorer Survey:      Please watch the attached Explorers video and complete the online Explorers survey.  Last year, students had the opportunity to participate in over 28 different Exploring programs. They included dentistry, health sciences, construction and engineering, veterinary science, business, fire-fighting, law enforcement, and more! Both students and businesses benefit from these educational programs. Click HERE for the video and survey.

NEBRASKA Promise  The Nebraska Promise program covers undergraduate tuition at the University of Nebraska (UNO, UNK and UNL) for students who have a family income of $60,000 or less (Adjusted Gross Income/AGI) or are Pell Grant-eligible, and who meet academic requirements. Current 2020 Nebraska seniors are eligible. A FAFSA must be completed.

Nearly 3,000 students currently attend NU tuition-free under Collegebound Nebraska. The expanded Nebraska Promise will cover approximately 1,000 additional current and future NU students. Through this program, the desire is to expand access and support for Nebraskans who may not have thought they could afford a university education.  Click HERE for more information about Nebraska Promise.

Juniors and Seniors
Sign up here for a weekly tip on college planning from EducationQuest. Don’t miss out on vital college planning information while you’re doing school at home. The messages will be short, but will help keep you on track to college.

2020 Graduates - You can submit the  FAFSA starting October 1!

Get that FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) completed as part of your financial aid planning for college. Click on this link to create an FSA ID.   The FSA ID (Federal Student Aid ID) is a username and password you create to access the FAFSA and federal student loan websites. It will also serve as your signature for the FAFSA and federal student loans. Click on the following link to complete the FAFSA.  Remember has a variety of tools to help you complete the FAFSA.

College Planning Timeline  Click here for a timeline of college planning activities provided by our friends at EducationQuest.  It's never too soon to think about your future!!

Making a Campus Visit ?? 
Click here for admissions and scholarship information for Nebraska Colleges & Universities.

Would you like a list of questions to ask as you make your campus visit?  Click here for questions that were  prepared by EducationQuest.   Visit the EducationQuest website for more college and career information.

Reminder... Your Naviance account has tons of college and career search information!  You can log-in with your tech ID username and password.

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